The Garden Fresh Co-op

Welcome To The Garden Fresh Co-op – The Future of Healthy Living


Our goal is to provide you and your family with a large selection of fresh, delicious and nutritious foods that you can get delivered right to your front door — for less — than what you pay at your local grocery store.

We have created a unique system that allows you to shop for over 25,000 organic, natural and eco-friendly foods as well as a variety of organic and pesticide-free fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs right from the comfort of your home. You can choose from your favorite organic & pesticide-free farm fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs to organic and natural health & personal care products, all with the ease of home delivery. You can also earn an unlimited amount of money by telling others about the Garden Fresh Co-op. There is no selling, shipping or forced autoship in order to earn. Click the picture below for more information!



2 Responses

  1. Jerry,
    You have a great thing established here. It is nice to see the direction you are going and giving those an option to get organic produce that might not have the resources at this time.
    I stand behind you and I see the future in store. Lets support our local organic farmers and bring the health back to this nations people and the soil. Smile 🙂

  2. Our growing season here in Florida is opposite that of Organic Acres. Shipments of fresh produce in our summer “off season” is especially welcomed.
    The vision for the future of organic gardening is truly inspiring but also there is a growing sense of community among all the armchair gardeners who come to the online meetings. The exchange of information and adaptability to change as improvements come about is truly refreshing.
    This is potentially a landmark contribution to better health for all!

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