What’s in it for You? Why you should eat your… radishes!

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by Claudia Beck, Organic Acres Host and Organic Living Aficionado

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Every vegetable has at least some health benefits. In fact, there is rarely a reason not to eat any veggie unless you have an allergy to it or simply do not like the taste or texture.

Then there are some vegetables that are just absolute powerhouses of nutrition. These you should keep in mind to eat more often or even daily if possible. And radishes, as uncommon as they are in many households, are one of these nutritional dominators.

Thus, there are many reasons to include radishes in your meals other than their aesthetic value to your favorite cold or hot dishes. These brightly colored veggies are not only loaded with delicious, sweet + pungent crunchiness, but are packed with nutritional value as well.

Radishes are extremely low in fat, calories and cholesterol (allows you to eat a lot of them) while being very high in dietary fiber (which is great for your digestion).  Radishes also contain a multitude of vitamins and minerals.

Specifically radishes are loaded with many vitamins, some of which include:

  • C = good for your immune system, skin and eyes as well as aiding in the prevention of some illnesses and diseases
  • K = good for your blood, aids your body in healing, helps you to absorb calcium
  • B6 = good for your nerves, blood and brain, helps to regulate your body’s basic functions including women’s monthly cycles
  • riboflavin – a.k.a. vitamin B2 = helps produce energy, good for your blood, aids the growth of body tissues and reproductive organs, helps regulate the thyroid; helps to prevent some common diseases; assists and safeguards your skin, nervous system, growth process, eyes and much more
  • folate – a.k.a. vitamin B9 = is a catalyst for several body functions; helps prevents several major diseases; maintains blood health; helps reduce some birth defects

Radishes’ mineral content is impressive too which includes the following: potassium, calcium, iron, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, zinc and several more. Minerals are very important for the body to be able to function correctly such as keeping bones and muscles healthy and the brain functioning properly. They also help deter many common ailments and help ward off diseases.

To round out the superabundance of health benefits that radishes afford you, they also are rich in anti-bacterial and anti-fungal components. For this reason they are sometimes used in the treatment of a variety of medical ailments.

While radishes are not generally known to be in most people’s daily diet plans, their high nutritional value may cause you to change your mind about that. Radishes are easy to incorporate in your every day menu plans — sliced raw in salads, chopped or diced into cooked dishes such as tossed with rice or sprinkled over chicken, or served simply as a lovely and tasty garnish crinkle cut in half along with your other favorite raw organic veggies and fruits.

Your Kids CAN Love ’em Too!

Can’t get your kids to “love” radishes? Cool off their taste buds by serving slim slices of radishes along with a chilled bowl of organic ranch dressing, low-fat organic sour cream or their favorite low-fat organic yogurt sauce for delicious dipping fun. Mix their radish munchies with other veggies they enjoy such as cooling organic cucumbers and crispy organic baby carrots.

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Claudia Beck has been a green and natural living advocate for over 20 years. Now, as a business owner, wife and Mom dedicated to the health of her family, she aims to publicly educate and promote to others the innumerable benefits of an organic lifestyle.

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